Rediscover the Magic of Inspector Gadget with Gamisodes!

Play, collect, and relive the 1980s nostalgia with exclusive Inspector Gadget interactive episodes. Dive into the remastered world of your favorite detective in stunning 4K. 

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Your Mission: Play Alongside Gadget!

Unlock gadgets, score points, and level up in this interactive transformation of the classic. Re-experience the original plots and storylines you grew up watching - now as interactive and gamified episodes!

Collector's Treasure: Limited-Edition Prints!

Commemorate this Classic Comeback with physical collectibles! Optional add-ons, these Trading Cards, Postcards, and Art Prints are designed by award-winning artists. Collect a physical slice of Inspector Gadget's 40 year legacy!

Common Variants

Legendary Variants

Crystal-Clear Nostalgia Awaits!

Relish in the meticulously restored 1983 classic, now in vibrant 4K. Every frame brings your cherished memories to life with unmatched clarity and detail.

Fun for the Whiz Kid to the Wise Adult!

Whether you're sharing with your kids or rekindling your inner child, these interactive episodes are designed to delight every Inspector Gadget fan, young or old.

Gamisodes is the "Netflix of Interactive & Gamified Shows"

We're building the world's first and only 100% interactive and gamified episode platform - with more shows being announced soon. Back us now to help launch Inspector Gadget's classic past into the future of entertainment!

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